Faye Lane

Award-Winning Author and Performer | Keynote and Motivational Speaker

Faye was a hit as the keynote speaker at the Virginia Women’s Business Conference

Faye was the keynote speaker at the ninth annual Virginia Women’s Business Conference held at the famed Landsdowne resort. 

Loudon Now was there and praised Faye as a speaker:

The pinnacle of the event each year is the mid-day lunch break where the keynote speaker sends attendees on a charge for the latter part of the afternoon, and going forward.

This year that honor went to Faye Lane, a New York-based writer and performer. Lane captivated the audience with her wit and tales of her young childhood spent at her mother’s Texas beauty salon, her performing career in the Big Apple, and flying the skies as a flight attendant. Now, she is an in-demand speaker, known for motivating her audiences to tell their stories and to recognize their roles in others’ stories.

“This is my greatest joy: to stand in front of a room full of people—the bigger the better—and tell them a story,” she said. “I know that a story can take a group of individuals and through a shared emotional experience turn it into a collective. My whole life I wanted to be connected to other people, connected to something bigger than myself.”

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